Published Works

Here is a list of my published work:

Tortured Heart – Lilac City Fairy Tales Vol. IV, Towers & Dungeons, Scablands Books, February 2018

Short Story – A woman must face one of two horrors: to stay awake, and endure the torture of extreme fatigue, or to fall asleep and be faced with the terrifying hallucinations that plague her mind at night.

What You Want to See – L.P. Masters, October 2017

Short story collection for Halloween.

Tipson and the Wedding – Spokane County Library Anthology, November 201

Flash Fiction – James Dupree’s robot, Tipson, experiences his first wedding, and analyzes exactly what that means.

An Acceptable Future – L.P. Masters, September 2017

Novella – A woman working for the group determined to improve the future must get an author to sign his book to a specific publisher. She can never be with the author, but she can’t help falling in love with him.

Sherwood – It Gets Darker As You Go – Spokane Fiction Writer’s Group, May 2017

Short Story – A woman moves into the nice Spokane Valley neighborhood of Sherwood Forest, only to discover that things may not be as peaceful there as they first seem to be. Paranormal.

Weights – L.P. Masters, January 2017

Short Story – A young man must face his past in order to save himself and the crew of the ship he serves on.

See You Tomorrow – L.P. Masters, December 2016

Short Story – A Texan girl falls in love with an alien, then spends the next 15 years trying to get him back.

Love is Death (The Afterdeath) (Volume 1) – L.P. Masters, November 2016

Novel – A ghost risks her afterlife to help a newly dead ghost save his living sister’s life

Red Dog- Northwest Boulevard, Summer 2015

Flash Fiction – An astronaut living on Mars gets carried away from the Hab in a windstorm. Writing as Leann P. Forsyth

Shatter – Northwest Boulevard, Summer 2015

Poem – We’re dancing on a precipice. Some day we may fall, and shatter. Writing as Leann P. Forsyth

Some Words For You – Arcturus, Summer 2007

Poem – How many words for love? Writing as Leann Papenfuss

Her Favorite Song – Arcturus, Summer 2006

Flash Fiction – A romantic evening turns uncomfortable when another woman’s favorite song comes on. Writing as Leann Papenfuss

Cinderella’s Guy – Arcturus, Summer 2005

Poem – What are the repercussions of Cinderella falling in love with the wrong prince? Some pretty serious problems. Writing as Leann Papenfuss

Fools Gold – Arcturus, Summer 2005

Short story – Danny, a space pirate, loses some of his best men in a trap his competitor has set. He turns to the ex-pirate London McLord for help. It would be much easier to get his help if London didn’t think Danny had betrayed him and sent him to prison 18 years ago. Writing as Leann Papenfuss

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