It’s a Raffle!

My audiobook came out two days ago, and I am so excited. The narrator, Henry Longwinter, did an amazing job, making the story come to life. Some parts literally gave me chills when he read them.

I love writing, and I love telling stories, but there’s something else I love as well.

Giving stuff away!

I have so many great fans who have given me so much and I realize that it’s time for me to give back to them! I’m giving away money, free audiobooks, and free ebooks for my newest short story, Weights. Check out the raffle, linked at the bottom or if you came here from the raffle, leave a comment. Here are some fun things to think about or comment on. You can answer as many or as few as you want:

  • Have you ever read one of my books, or are you new to the wonderful world of L.P. Masters?
  • What’s your preference? Audiobook, eBook, or paper?
  • What would you do with $25 if you were given it?
  • Let’s dream! What would you do with $2,500? (Pretend you don’t have work or kids to worry about, so you can go on vacation if you want!)
  • Let’s dream! If you had a library that went from ceiling to floor, what books would be on the shelf? What authors?

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have fun, and enjoy the writing!
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  1. Thanks so much for this giveaway!
    1. No I have not read any of your books, but I am excited to do so.
    2. To me book are books in any form. I love them all! 🙂
    3. If I were to win the $25, I would buy books 🙂
    4. With $2500, I would upgrade my shelves, buy books, and go to Disney (I love it there!)
    5. All kinds of books & authors would be on my shelves! One big reason I enjoy purchasing so many books is because I want my daughters to have and enjoy them as well. So by having many choices, they would be able to discover their own love of reading.

    1. That’s great! I love reading too. I love that you would buy more books for your library. And maybe when you go to Disney, you can request that they add a ride…It would be the Library from Beauty and the Beast, right?
      I love that you want to give your daughters a lot of choices! That’s great. My parents had so many books in their library, but they didn’t have a wide variety of genres, so I’ve had to do my own exploring of other genres as I’ve gotten older.

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