There’s something about belonging to a writer’s group that is incredible. I belong to several writing groups. I have a fiction writer’s group that meets once a month on Wednesdays, a women’s writer’s group that meets once a month on Saturdays, and a bunch of NaNoWriMo friends who just never quit holding write-ins every other week when November ended…like, three years ago.

So every month, (If I’m lucky and don’t miss a group because of children or schedules, or anything else) I get to attend some sort of writers’ group four times per month.

To be honest, I need it.

This evening, when I met with the “Spokane Fiction Writer’s Group” at the fire station, we all stood outside in the foyer for about fifteen minutes because no one was at the fire station to let us inside. It’s summertime, though, and our usually large group was fairly small. There were only six of us who were close enough to “on time” to realize that we were locked out for the first part of the meeting.

We started talking about publishing. I am sitting there, right on the edge of getting published, and one of my friends at this meeting has been so supportive of me just getting out and doing it. We all started talking about publishing and as I listened to everyone talk, I realized that four of the six of us there tonight had been published.

Four of the six! I thought that was incredible. Over half of that little group had been published, and I have the opportunity to meet with them each month and discuss writing, pick their brains about what to do and what not to do when getting published.

How inspiring for me as a writer who is so close to getting my own work published. I love the friendship, the sense of belonging one can get from a group like that. Every month when I get home from that meeting, I sit at my computer and feel so focused and excited about writing. It’s something I look forward to for the next four weeks. If I could give any writer, published or unpublished, a suggestion of what to do if they’re not feeling that Love for Writing anymore, it would be to find a good, supportive writer’s group.

Have fun, and enjoy the writing.

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