Editing Services

I know how it goes.

Your mom says it was brilliant.

Your best friend says she loved the characters.

Your sister says the writing flowed really well.

Your brother…? “Yeah. It was good.”

You need honest feedback. You need someone to help you see where that phrasing feels a little off. You need a person to tell you, “Yes, your lead was pretty well developed, but that side character was a little flat.”

If you’re looking for some help with your writing, and your mom, friend, sister, or brother aren’t helping, drop me a line. You must have thick skin. I am brutally honest with my feedback. That said, though, most of the critiques I have done for people in the past, the writers have told me that I’ve seen things they never noticed before.

I’m very open to discussing some editing projects with you. I need to really connect with the project, though, and will not necessarily take on any story. (I won’t take on any Zombie stories. Ever. So just don’t even ask about that one.)

I’m willing to give great deals on edits. If you’re interested in getting some feedback on your story, email me, leann(at)lpmasters.com.

I’d love to hear from you.