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L.P. Masters Writes

Here’s a fun little piece I wrote a few years ago, just for laughs.


Sylah should have felt fear, but all she could think at the moment was, “isn’t this a fitting end?” as her balance tipped over the edge of the catwalk railing.

J.D. scrolled the mouse down until he reached the bottom of the page and saw that there was nothing more written on the book.  “So…What happens next?”

“I don’t know!  I haven’t written it yet.”  L.P. answered, waiting impatiently for him to move so that she could find out what happened next.

“You mean you don’t know what happens until you write it?”

L.P. thought about that for a moment, then said, “Pretty much.  Yeah.”

“Then how do you write the book?”

“The characters write it for me.”

J.D. had a touch of mocking in his voice as he said, “The characters! Ha.”

At that moment a slender, blue woman walked up, grabbed J.D. by the hand and moved him out of the computer chair, then she sat down and started typing,

Her arms flailed about, searching for something that would stop the inevitable fall.  She scratched the face of the woman who had tripped her in the first place, caught someone’s sleeve and felt her blue fingers slip from the fabric. At that point, she knew there was no stopping.

The blue woman stood up and looked at L.P. “It’s sounding good,” she said.

L.P. smiled, then reached over and shut J.D.’s mouth.