Welcome to the world of L.P. Masters, where you’ll find ghosts and space ships; high school dramas and life and death battles; short stories, long stories, stories in the middle; jokes that make you laugh, deaths that make you cry; and so much, much, much more.

L.P. Masters enjoys writing a wide range of genres, from Young Adult Paranormal Romances, (not vampires, trust me) to Adult Science Fiction Adventures. Masters plans to publish two novels per year. Her fall novels are YA Paranormal Romances, and her spring novels are Adult Science Fiction.

Take a look around the blog. Masters posts book reviews when she has the time to finish them, writing exercises and tidbits of information into her writing, and her general thoughts on writing. She is, however, a NaNoWriMo addict (writes 50,000 words each November) so the blog gets a little neglected in the month of November.

Take a look around, leave a comment or two. Have fun, and enjoy the writing.

Acceptable Future

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